Learning Fstorm

I made a lego car in 3ds Max and it was sitting there collecting dust and months later I thought I might learn Fstorm and this is what I did


Another example of Photogrammetry, but in this one i re-topologiesed and re-arragned the UVs

Jaame’ Abbasi Mosque

The Technique this was captured is called Photogrammetry.

this is the Gate to the Iwan of Jaame’ Abbasi Mosque in Isfahan Iran. The four-iwan format. finalized by the Seljuq dynasty, and inherited by the sfavids, firmly established the courtyard facade of such mosques, with the towering gateways at everyside, as more important than the actual building itself. During the Seljuq rule, as Islamic mysticism was on the rise and the persians were looking for a new type of architectural design that emphasezed an Iranian identity.

Gold & Black

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