“First time trying my hand at MUDBOX and it was great”

So me being an animator rarely get to do any animation. And when I do its always a bloody Octopus that has 16 controllers on each tenticle. Anyway this time in the midst of breaking down to tears like a little girl from the amount of work and responsibilities I was told that for an architectural rendering we need to have legit Omani Clothing. Then I was interested, no Curious can I do this? I watched videos of people using mudbox and I could use max so c’mon how hard could it be right?.




I made a plan and thought if I’m gonna do try this I gotta do it quickly before anyone notices, so I got bezzzeeeeh. I thought a box would be awesome since it has a nice flat UV layout and the quadest quad you can have. so being a noob i turbosmoothed that sh&*t and took it to the car wash, in other words made it a sphere and exported it as FBX. and opened mudbox and opened it. Really I opened it not import! so I started trying the different tools and it was really really fun. and after a few subdivisions, i realized everything is triangles so i had to begin again.

what had happend was when i exported it, it was a mesh and as such they become tries. Damn YOU MESH WHY DO WE EVEN HAVE YOU? #while holding mesh by the collar and shaking it back and forth#. So as stubborn as I am I tried to save it by quadrifying it in the oh soooo fabulous max ribbon tools and it didn’t help. That’s another thing WTF is up with the ribbon just integrate it into polygon’s modify panel … how many bloody tool bars do you want to bloody add to this bloody bloated software for F sake. so that didn’t help “ppp go figure”. therefore i did it again. this time coming in early so no one sees me working on some clay lump and asking a million question.

Ok so for the technical parts. I brought the model back to max and made a lowpoly version from a box again and just confirmed it to the high-poly version super duper easy. (if you guys want my secret name is Dr.Goatee on youtube I’m a lazy youtuber and if you want it sound off below and I will make a tutorial when I get around to it and let you know) so anywho. after conforming to it made a basic super duper flat UV and tried to bake it using Vray. but there was heaps of weirdness cause vray was like whaaaaaaaaaa then max was like duuuuuuuuude and vray was like whaaaaaaaaaaa on and on and on. so I figured for it to work well I had to make the low poly invisible to the camera and make it not cast shadow nor occlude other objects. and in vray settings, I had to make sure it’s not considered in the GI calculation. then it was wonderful. (again if you need a tutorial to let me know).


so yeah i ended up with something not super lowpoly but I could easily make textures for it and put them around the architecture. so for some standing human viewed from far away, it really covered my boootay. how you liked it it was fun and it took about 5 hours where this post took 2 WTF, either i don’t know internet or something is definitely wrong with wordpress.


Note if your a perfectionist and thinking of so many tasteful comments, stop salivating and move on along this was more of a try and just need it for a small project. your not the only one seeing the many imperfections. but if you know better ways of doing it please let me know I will be super thankful.

by faramarzian
on Sketchfab




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